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    Sport and relax

    Make your stay a fascinating experience.

    Explore the Westhoek walking, by bike or scooters. Via WISTERIA you can rent bicycles or a scooter. Ask for free information.

    Walking routes


    • De Kemmelbergwandelroute te Kemmel (9,4 km)
    • De tweebergenwandelroute te Westouter (7,1 km)
    • Kraters en Mijnenwandelroute te Wijtschate (7 km)
    • Geuzenwandelroute te Nieuwkerke (9,6 km)


    Cycling routes


    • West-Vlaamse bergenfietsroute (45 km)
    • Schrevefietsroute (46 km)
    • De mijneneslag van 1917 (28,6 km)
    Car routes

    6 autoroutes die herinneren aan de oorlogsjaren '14-'18, langs deze routes kom je de meest bekende sites tegen:

    • Ypres Salient Autoroute(70 km)
    • Pionier Autoroute(75 km)
    • Frontleven Autoroute(87 km)
    • Niemandsland Autoroute(68 km)
    • Vrij Vaderland Autoroute(92 km)
    • Ijzerfront Autoroute(74 km)

    You let yourself be locked up with your team in a room. You have one hour to puzzle you out of the room (s). Unravel the secrets, crack the codes and work strategically.

    This game can be played in teams of 3 to 8 players.

    Hiring bicycles, scooters

    For hiring bicycles or scooters: please contact us.
    Electric or regular bicycles (the bicycles are provided free of charge at Wisteria)

    8 scooters available (7x50cc and 1x125cc)

    2 tuk tuk of 4 persons

    Ski run

    Ski run in Komen

    Horseback riding
    Covered wagon

    These wagons are to be found at a mere 200 metres distance of your holiday home. Enjoy the many beautiful excursions: West-Vlaamse bergenroute, Oorlogsroute, Wijngaardroute, or Ieper sightseeing.

    Outside Adventure

    For a lot of outdoor activities with friends and family, you can go to Outside Adventure in Poperinge: paintball, archery, laser battle, climbing, ...


    Indoor karting in Poperinge


    Bowling in Ieper: 10 bowling alleys, stone-grill, snooker… Pleasure guaranteed for young and old

    Bellewaerde and Bellewaerde aquapark

    Theme park Bellewaerde in Ieper: A nice daytrip for the whole family


    Golf course in Hollebeke

    National park Palingbeek

    National park of over 240 ha with a lot of plants and animals. Its name is derived from a stream that flows into the old canal.


    It's a Pond with a 37 ha surface. You can walk and cycle around it. There’s also a possibility to do water sport activities.

    The island

    Nice pond amidst the historic town. You can rent pleasure boats.
    Eilandje 2
    8900 Ieper
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    We have the Q factor, at Holiday Home WISTERIA we aim for quality.