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    Places of interest

    The Westhoek has a lot to offer.

    Enjoy the beautiful nature of Heuvelland with its beautiful views, cycling and hiking trails. Pay a visit to the tourist city of Ypres with its rich war history. Dare to cross the border at our French north neighbors.

    Belvédère Tower at the top of the Kemmelberg.

    From the Belvédère tower you have a beautiful view over Heuvelland and surroundings. Free access through the door to the left of the large gate.

    Heuvelland Vineyards
    Bayernwald in Wijtschate.
    Pool of peace

    Pool of peace in Wijtschate

    The bunkers

    The bunkers along ‘Lettenberg’ flank (Lokerstraat Kemmel)

    The Command Bunker
      The Command Bunker underneath Kemmelberg built during the Cold War
    Cableway CORDOBA (rode berg)

    Enjoy the magnificent panoramic view on the West Flemish
    Mountains and Heuvelland. You will float above the vineyards.

    'Rode berg' and 'Zwarte berg'

    Hundreds of tourists spend their Sundays in the many shops, cafés, restaurants and souvenir shops. A nice daytrip!

    Heuvelland mountains

    Discover Kemmelberg, Vidaigneberg, Rode berg and Scherpenberg by car, bike or on foot for the bravest among you.

    Admire its beautiful nature and landscapes. Enjoy the terraces of the rural cafés and eating-places.

    Talbot House

    'Marguerite Yourcenar', zeer mooi wandelpark gelegen op de flanken van de zwarte berg. Gratis ingang

    Wij hebben de Q-factor, bij WISTERIA gaan we voor kwaliteit.